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WTF" segment, it's a story that makes you think that
Anthony Weiner has joined New York City's Health Office. New York has been hit very hard with COVID-19 cases, but appear to be on the mend. Officials are worried that as things slowly get back to normal, people may start getting "busy"... pun intended.
New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has tweeted out some recommendations about how to keep your whole body safe, not just your happy areas during the days of COVID.

It doesn't just stop there with the tweet of warning of people to use common sense when doing the deed. New
recommendations cover everything from hooking up with fewer people. Checking to make sure they are clean (in this case, of COVID-19) as well as wearing masks when being intimate. They also urge people to practice safe sex with "kinky" Zoom parities.

Video dates, sexting, subscription-based fan platforms, sexy ‘Zoom parties’ or chat rooms may be options for you,” according to the guide. The Health Department also suggested to “make it a little kinky... be creative with sexual positions and physical barriers, like walls, that allow sexual contact while preventing close face to face contact.”

So now, if you are ever caught by your partner for sexting or "kinky zooming" you can just say the government said it's okay. On the flip side, if you wanted to talk your bed buddy into some Super Hero Role Play, now's your chance.

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