In my continuing efforts to relive my childhood, I've been reading more comic books, watching cartoons, and even drove a four-hour round trip for Godfather's Pizza, a blast from the past that I had missed for 20-plus years. Well my wife spotted at a local grocery store, something I had mentioned in passing, Donald Duck Orange Juice. Another thing from my childhood that I grew up drinking and loving. She bought me a half gallon. My jaw dropped. It tasted good, but then I noticed the packaging.

The "best by" date is good till Aug. 22 of this year, and the main cover and nutrition facts are all beautiful and well displayed. What caught my eye was the back cover, advertising a video game called "Disney Infinity." That's where I had cause for concern, that game "ended" (stopped being made/supported) back on Sept. 30 of 2016. So where the juice tastes good, and has the best by date that is still good, the packaging is at least two years old. To make me even more paranoid is the fact that the OJ is advertising Disney Infinity 2.0, the second wave of the toys that launched... back in September of 2014, making the packaging at least four years old.

So, did Disney perfect the freezing technique that has been rumored about Walt's head, and is putting it in their OJ products? Or have they just gotten really lazy when it comes to redesigning their packaging? Do I finish the OJ or throw it away in concern? If I do finish it, will I live forever or die on Aug. 22? So many questions!

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