Pop star Chris Brown is reportedly in trouble with the law for having a pet monkey. Monkeys are not allowed as pets without a permit, because they can BITE. If one gets bitten by a monkey or non-human primate, there is a mandatory six-month rabies quarantine for the animal.

Suffice it to say, Chris Brown is facing six months in PRISON just because he dared to break the federal laws about owning an exotic animal without a permit!

Did you know that it is totally illegal to own these animals in the state of Washington, according to these two state legislation revised codes 16.30.005 and 16.30.010 -.070:

Why can't residents own the above contraband critters? The codes specify that the intent of the law is to "protect the public against the serious health and safety risks that dangerous wild animals pose to the community."

Click below to reveal the list of illegal pets!

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