The Yakima Humane Society is gearing up for a busy summer!

Several scheduled and pop-up events are in the works.

The reason? To raise money and help our furry friends!

For all of June, the YHS is joining the Best Friends Network for the Bring Love Home Challenge!

This joint effort is to help get pets into foster or forever homes!

Via BullYakima Facebook Page
Via BullYakima Facebook Page

At the end of the month, on Saturday, June 29th, YHS is putting on the 13th annual Fur Ball Gala!

The biggest and most important fundraiser of the year! More details are at

drawn cat and dog drinking from glasses.
Courtesy of Yakima Humane Society

The 2nd Annual Summer BASH & Vaccine Event is coming up this Saturday, June 8th, from 1 to 5pm at Sherman Park, right next to the Yakima Humane Society (2405 W Birchfield RD)!

There will be vendors, music, activities for kids, and best of all… DOGS TO PET!

This is an adoption and vaccine event, so if your pet needs a vaccine, booster, or microchips, this is your opportunity to get it done without needing to make an appointment!

Last year’s Summer Bash was so much fun.

So many tails wagging and going home with brand new families! Check out the photos from that event below!

If you are a vendor interested in this event, you can email for more information!

happy dog in glasses on the grass
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Yakima Humane Society's Summer Bash 2023

Take a look some of the vendors and some of the pets that were out and about just before (and during) the start of Yakima Humane Society's Summer Bash 2023! Keep an eye on YHS's Facebook Page & for information on helping the shelter, adopting a pet, or upcoming events!

Gallery Credit: tsm/Timmy!

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