We're spending a lot of time on social media these days. Perhaps now, more than ever, since the pandemic has many of us spending more time away from the things we traditionally go out and do - so we're staying in and don't.

It seems the more time you spend checking your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feeds  - the more inundated you can feel with all kinds of opinions, thoughts, ideas, biases, arguments, and political rancor. It's having a fatiguing effect on folks and I, for one, want to try to do something each day to help balance things out.

I don't do political or social issues on either my personal social media or professional. There's enough bad news out there and I'm choosing to bring a little lighthearted approach to the table. Today, for example, I just posted a simple request to our Facebook friends and received some really uplifting responses. I asked:

929thebull Facebook Screenshot

Here were some of what YOU shared with us, all of which provided a smile, a chuckle, or an 'awwwwww' - and in each case, felt better than the negative posting we see each day.

Cts Nicole

I call this one: 'Dog and Dad'. These two look very happy and VERY Cool indeed!

Bobbie J Willden

The little bundles of beautiful fur were born TODAY! What an awesome sight! COOL!

Natalie Thompson Elyea

Cat-In-The-Box. You can buy him 1000 cat toys and he's going for the box! Cool-Cat!

Patti Thomas

Dog-In-A-Blanket. At first, all my weary mind could see was the blanket. And then, cool.

Jessica Hazzard

Now, this would be a cool drive.

Martiza Dimas

People stared at me when I laughed out loud at my desk when I saw this one! Creatively shot photography here. I call it 'Hurl Me A River'. And yes, this is COOL!

Well, there you go. Nobody called anybody any names or started arguments over something stupid. That wasn't so bad, was it? Kinda cool if you asked me.

Add to our list on our Facebook post. Show us something cool.

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