I was visiting one of the fine food trucks we have in Yakima when they had Mac and Cheese served in a waffle cone. This, I had to try.

The Ciao Wagon (get it?) was one of the food options at Beardfest and promoted two variations of mac and cheese -- a maple bacon jalapeno and a pulled pork. I grabbed the bacon one as my friend grabbed the pork one. The convenience of the waffle cone made it a fun, portable treat. Makes me wonder why more food isn't available like this.

If you happen to be at an event where the Ciao Wagon is, make sure you stop by. It was really, really good. I mean, it was a great quality mac and cheese to begin with. The waffle cone gave it that boost over the edge in creativity.

You can always check out the Ciao Wagon on Facebook to see where they'll be next.

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