With the Magic 8-Ball not getting a chance to flex it's predictability for last year's basket ball tournament, and no Football pro pick 'em in the 2020 season, it's hard to tell how rusty it is. Now to the 8-Ball's credit, it was successful when predicting the 2021 Superbowl! But who knows how it will fare this year in the game of college hoops. Back in 2019, the 8-Ball got 42% accuracy rate with it's predictions. Let's hope it does better this year! Get in & keep track of the B-Ball excitement, and don't forget to keep tabs to see if you'll be a Magic 8-Ball Bitch with 94.5 KATS' 2021 Million Dollar Bracket Challenge.

How did I use the 8-Ball to pick? Well, The order that it was asked was the West, East, South and then the Midwest. (Top to bottom, left to right). Each team that was listed first, was asked will "Will ______ beat _____?" For for the top left, "Will Gonzaga (1) beat NSU/App ST (16)?" The Magic 8-Ball chose Gonzaga (1) the victor! The 8-Ball's picks are below!

Remember, If you correctly predict 60 or more games, you win $10,000. If you correctly predict every game in the bracket, you win a million dollars! It's all part of the Million Dollar Bracket Challange powered by Yakima Steak Co.! But don't worry, the 8-Ball is an inanimate object, so it can't win anything... damn it.


Keep track with the basket ball action, and updates every morning with Todd & Timmy right here on 94.5 KATS! Find out if you are turning into the Magic 8-Ball's bitch, or if you're in deed kicking it's sack!

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