With the big game this Sunday, everyone is hedging their bets! Trying to figure out who is going to win. Who the MVP is going to be. Is the meat in the nacho dip really meat. It's a day and a game where many experts want to be right. It is amazing to me all the different types of wagers you can make. Todd recently told us about how you can bet on everything from the coin toss, to the color of liquid being dumped on the winning teams coach. But who/what should you bet on? Which team will win? Will this non-meat nacho dip kill me? For these type of answers, people look to the supernatural & odd coincidences (like team wearing white jerseys win more often). For me, I look no further, then the oracle orb itself... The Magic 8-Ball!

I've used the Magic 8-Ball for all my sporting questions, mainly because I don't know sports. Sadly, due to the pandemic it's been a while since I busted out the crystal ball of blackness. In fact, last time it got a lot of use was the 2019 football season. So I decided to give it a nice, easy warm up questions before asking the big one.

For those who are not familiar with the mystical globe of decision, know that it's pretty much 20 different variations of yes, no or ask later. If you're hoping to get the answer for a point-spread, you'll be asking a lot of number questions. So the easy, test question was: "Will someone win the coin toss?" The 8-Ball's reply: "You may rely on it!" Seems like it is working pretty well. If it would have said "no", then I'd expect that coin on Sunday to land on it's edge!

Now, onto the important questions:

Q: "Will the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeat the Kansas City Chiefs?"
A: "Signs point to yes."

Q: "Will the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?"
A: "My reply is no."

Q: "Will Tom Brady hurt himself during the big game?"
A: "Cannot predict now."

NOTE: I asked the Tampa beating Kansas question first, because I always do the "home team", even back in the Pro-Football Pick 'Em contests. I also kept asking the Tom Brady question, and it kept giving me "later" type answers... So, maybe he'll fake an injury & Tampa Bay will be victorious! We'll find out if the dark arts are correct, soon enough!


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