Out of all the Soda that I have ever had in my life, there is only one, that I really didn't care for. It was good at first, but the more I drank, the more I grew very tired of it. I can usually choke down a lot of stuff, but that red creme tang flavored soda, called Big Red, really didn't do it for me. But, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I believe taste can also apply to that motto. My brother absolutely loved Big Red!

Well, that was my thought until I tried this new flavor of Mtn Dew. Even though, you can guess my review of the new(ish) Pitch Black from Mtn Dew, let's get the disclaimer stuff out of the way!


This is in NO WAY a paid advertisement for this brand of carbonated beverage or any carbonated beverage. I must also say that this is in NO WAY a paid advertisement AGAINST this brand of carbonated beverage or any carbonated beverage. I love soda, and you can tell by my other reviews, not everyone is a winner, or a loser! I received this bottle of soda from my friend, who purchased it with her own money and gave it to me without compensation or promise of payment in any form, AND she does not work for any beverage or parent company.

Mtn Dew Pitch Black 20oz soda

The Review of Mtn Dew: Pitch Black!

Growing up, when I was sick, my mom gave me Dimetapp Cough Syrup. If you were born after 2013, then lucky you (the original medicine was pulled off the market by the FDA in that year). This was one of the worst tasting medicines that I have ever had. It was grape, and it was horrible.

"Who The Hell Carbonated Dimetapp!?!?" - Me, after my first drink.

Now, before you say how this isn't a new flavor. You're correct, this was originally released in 2004 around Halloween for a limited time. It came back in 2019 as a permanent fixture in the Mtn Dew lineup, but was discontinued, only to be brought back AGAIN. (Thank you Mtn Dew Wiki).

The Second Opinion of Mtn Dew: Pitch Black!

Once again, I tapped my friend & pharmacist, Eugene, to help me with the taste test. He had a previous incarnation of this soda when it was called "Pitch Black II". He seemed to enjoy it more than I did, because at least he finished his half of the bottle.

"Yeah, they liquefied Skittles!" - Eugene The Pharmacist

Mtn Dew Pitch Black Nutrition Facts

This might be the one soda I dislike the most, but who knows, maybe my mother and the cough syrup is to blame! I'm just happy company's like PepsiCo, Inc. are trying new things! Thank you for that, keep them coming! Taste is in the mouth of the beholder! Take a chance or take my word for it! Will you give it a sip, or have you already tried it? If so, what do you think? Tap the App and let us know!

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