Due to fears that sexual activity would scare off a rare local bird, a planned 'Nude Beach' has been blocked in Belgian. The Flemish Wildlife Agency have blocked an application for a second nudist beach, about 12 miles south of Ostende seaside resort because that it's the local habitat for a bird called "Galerida Cristata" or Crested Lark.

Talks about fencing off certain areas of the the beach, especially the dunes where the bird tends to mate, have been going back and forth. There has even been a discussion of barbed wire vs nudes, according to The Guardian. A proposed 2nd naturist beach is needed because of growing members to the beach's organization and with "no building or sea dyke that looks out to the beach," that location is perfect according to Koen Meulemans, the chair of the Belgian Naturism Federation.

If you get anything from this story, it's the fact that the Crested Lark bird, is not a voyeur.


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