You know the saying, “Sun’s out, buns out!” But why stop there? Go for the full monty! But what if someone sees? What if it’s not warm enough, and then I’m reliving the Seinfeld episode with George and shrinkage? Well, if you’re in the right place, then who cares!

It might be hard finding the right place; luckily, went and kept their eyes peeled and ranked the top 20 nude beaches… in the world! Now, when you’re thinking about a legally nude beach, places like Hawaii, Australia, or Jamaica come to my mind. In the United States, maybe Florida or California. Well, I knew Oregon had a nude beach, but to have one of the top 20 in the world… that’s something I need to see (for many reasons).

The first time I heard about Oregon having a nude beach was in Rooster Rock State Park. (You can read about that adventure here). I had no idea they had multiple! Let alone one of the top in the world!

Collins Beach on Sauvie Island is near Portland and, according to, is one of the best nude beaches not only in the PNW but the entire world, ranked at #6, being beaten out by beaches in Australia, Denmark, and France!

Lots of regular beach activities can be done there, and in a particular section of the beach, all those things can be done sans pants (and other articles of clothing if you want). You can even take your dog (although I’m sure Fido still needs to keep a collar and possibly a leash).

If you decide to take a trek to nude town, keep in mind that you will have to purchase a parking permit, even if your car has its top down!

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