Some people want or need a place to be heard. For many it's the Internet. But others want local interaction. To see the face of a person who is not behind a piece of glass. For that there's the Laugh Lounge Comedy Club, which hosts open mic and karaoke every Thursday night.

Ed Kwick (Pic by Tim Hubert)

Thursdays at the Laugh Lounge Comedy Club are heating up and giving locals a chance to let their inner demons fly! Whether it's a poem, song, joke (dirty or clean), comedic sketch like the one performed by Ed Kwick (pictured above), it doesn’t matter, you now have a place to let your voice be heard.

BJ Johnson (Pic by Tim Hubert)

Then there are the comedians who travel and have turned their hobby into something that can make a dime. They use open mic to test material and hone their skills — people like BJ Johnson (pictured above), who has toured all over the world doing USO shows! He swung by the Laugh Lounge last Thursday just to test out some new material. (It killed, by the way).

It doesn’t matter, if you've got the guts, they've got the mic! Come test out your stuff and who knows what the future might hold? Just like local comic Jaunty, who recorded his set to help him on his comedic road into the future!

Check out their Facebook page for details and let your voice be heard at the Laugh Lounge Comedy Club, 1507 N. First St.