It's cold. It sucks and there's not much we can do about it except remember a few key things. We're all in this together, so help others out as much as you can and when you fall down, get back up. And then get up again, and again, and again, then just crawl to where you were going!

It's no secret that the Pacific Northwest has been bombarded with winter weather as of late. Sub-freezing temperatures, snow, rain, freezing rain. A nice cocktail of no fun, unless you're creative and don't mind falling a few times and playing in the cold!


#1 - Street Skiing!

There is plenty of ice around, All you need is the right gear!

#2 Create A New Musical!

You've heard of Disney on Ice, well now thanks to this TikTok user's video, we now have "Garbage On Ice". At least the star was smiling at the end!

#3 Slip & Slides!

Whether you're walking, driving, or crawling, be careful, because you're going to be sliding!

#4 Let The Rage Out!

Go on, break something like a window... although, make sure the window is down first!

#5 Go To Work!

The world isn't gonna stop spinning just because it's frozen!

#6 Co-Workers!

Have a buddy film you going to work!

#7 Stay Home

If you can't go anywhere, then technically you're already there!

#8 Explore Sober Life

Can't leave the house, you run out of alcohol. You get sober, you google, you learn stuff, you share it with the world!

#9 Jeep Sledding!

Got a sled, got a jeep, got a rope? You've got some fun!

#10 Letting Things Go!

Letting things go in life can be tough, but when your city is a giant sheet of ice, that can help!

#11 Rage Against Winter!

Let the anger out, constructively!

#12 Car Relocation

In case you didn't want your car parked there anymore.

#13 Take A Drive

Not recommended!

We've shared some videos that made us smile and laugh. I hope everyone in these videos is okay, but the devastation that the storm has brought will be felt for years to come. Please be safe and help each other!

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