Perhaps one of the best movies of all time was written about a man and his affection for his living room rug -- "The Big Lebowski." I mean, it really tied the room together.

This past weekend I underestimated the size of my new rug and over estimated the size of the car I was in.

In the end, however, I think all the effort was well worth it.

My sister's dog, whom I am house sitting, hasn't even urinated on it yet.

It really does tie the room together.

Of course those are also the couches I talked about earlier in the week that I was told to pick up from a yard sale.

This is now the third set of couches that I have had to get since moving into my current home two years ago.

My daughters jump and dance on the furniture, no matter how severe the threats I lay their way.

My bark doesn't have any bite with my daughters, they are often defiant even during their punishment. I call my youngest two The Destroyers. They destroy furniture and clog toilets like nobody's business.

So here's hoping my new used set at least lasts until I find a nicer set this summer during the better yard sales. Maybe by then my 7-year-old twins will act better than my 6-year-old ones behave today.

My point is that even on a shoestring budget, yard sales can up your living room's look. Always be on the lookout, even during those lazy weekends you thought you were going to spend playing Call of Duty. (I did not even turn the console on.)

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