Adding a new chapter to the song "Baby Shark," a gray horn shark, less than 2 feet long, was stolen and disguised as a baby from the San Antonio Aquarium in Texas. Surveillance cams captured the two men and a woman taking the shark out from a petting tank, wrapping it in a towel and smuggling it out in a baby push chair.

One of the aquarium staff confronted the the suspects asking to search their vehicle, but was unable to stop them from leaving, authorities were immediately called. Police have now reported that Miss Helen (the shark) has been returned safe and sound, and one of the suspects has confessed to the sharknapping. When police looked through the suspects house, judging by the other tanks, and equipment, as well as other marine animals, this was not their first theft, and that the aquatic crooks knew what they were doing.

Security cam footage as well as the sharks return can be viewed in the video below.


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