For many, their sibling is their first best friend. That same person can also be their first true nemesis. My big brother (6 and a half years older) definitely checked both boxes growing up. Thankfully, he's been more of the best friend vs. the rival, especially as we get older. I'm not sure if that's because of age or because we've both roughhoused and hurt each other enough that we decided to call it a truce about 20 years ago. Who knows?

Brothers with WWE Wrestlers

April 10th is National Siblings Day, a holiday celebrating relationships between… siblings! The holiday was created by Claudia Evart in 1995 to celebrate the lives of her sister and brother, who passed away while still very young. Unfortunately, this holiday is not recognized by the federal government, so all that really means is you'll have to get up and go to work as usual unless you can get your sibling to call you in sick, pretending to be you! It might become nationally recognized one day since the Sibling Day Organization has pushed for it pretty hard.


I'm very fortunate to have several siblings: my brother, 2 step-sisters, and a few in-laws. Not to mention best friends and cousins that are so close, they might as well be siblings (we'll discuss them on National Cousins Day and National Best Friends Day).

Brothers with Father and Grandmother at weddings.


It wouldn't be National Sibling Day without poking a little fun at my big brother (who means the world to me). I've told this story to a few friends but never have the picture to back it up. Back in 1985 or '86 (I think), my dad had a work conference in California, so my parents announced that they were going to Disneyland and that my brother and I would stay with our grandparents for a week. My mom was great at convincing us that it was a good thing that we'd be staying with our grandparents instead of going to the happiest place on Earth. Granted, we loved staying with our grandparents, so it was alright. The best part of this story was our mom asked us what we wanted from Disneyland. My brother wanted a Mickey Mouse. I realized this was my one chance to get something extraordinary from the place I'd heard so much about. I decided I better go big or go home/grandma's house. I wanted an ELEPHANT!

The vacation was over; our parents came home and brought the souvenirs for my brother and I. Then they had us POSE with our Disneyland shirts, light-up sun visors and plush toys. You can see in the picture how my brother is thrilled. Judging by the look on my face, I'm the wiser sibling, realizing that Mom and Dad went to Disneyland without us, bought our forgiveness, and the giant elephant-sized souvenir I wanted turned out to be a tiny plush Dumbo… We were the Dumbos!

Brothers with Disney Merch

I hope you enjoyed this sibling tale. Happy Sibling Day! Tap the App and share a story of your sibling rivalry or sibling collaboration with us!

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