In the 1994 comedy film Clerks, there's a joke about a group of customers called "milkmaids." The customer is described as the one lady who would go through EVERY GALLON of milk to find the freshest one, with the furthest away expiration/best buy date. Who would have thought that 29 years later, WE WOULD ALL NEED to be doing that?

My wife and I recently did a Walmart curbside pick-up. When we got home, we noticed the expiration date of the sour cream we bought was passed due. We were annoyed, but I didn't feel like dealing with the hassle of returning it. I am surprised that the store stockers aren't keeping a better eye on expired food, and the store shoppers aren't checking that stuff when they grab it for the customers. There is a lot of product, and their jobs are probably rushing them. Things can get missed. I get it, but it is happening more and more often.

I thought this was just my bad luck, but then my friend went to vent her frustrations on Facebook.

"Just FYI, watch your dairy products at grocery stores. Ever since covid, people have gotten lazy and don't do their job as they should. This is the second time from Walmart that I've gotten rotten dairy products, and my sister-in-law just got one from Safeway. "
– Dawn Riel

Vanilla Oat Milk with Expired Date
Pic Courtesy of Dawn Riel
Grocery Receipt
Pic courtesy of Dawn Riel

As I talked to her, she admitted not wanting to be "that person" who complains to the manager, but people can get sick, and lawsuits can happen:

"I think of a mom not paying attention and feeding it to her kid. Not all dairy turns green first when it starts to mold; you can taste it immediately! So if a mom feeds her kid rotten food and has no idea and the kid gets sick, these stores are responsible. We trust that they put good food out for us to buy." – Dawn Riel

Her experiences were with the Safeway and Walmart stores, but this issue should be looked into by all stores that sell food. Please keep an eye on the expiration dates! No matter if it's on the shelf or in a fridge/freezer.

Daniel Aguilar, Getty Images
Daniel Aguilar, Getty Images

Have you accidentally bought expired food? Where did you get it from? Did you return it or count your losses? Tap the app and let us know!

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