I was driving home from work and noticed a few of these signs out on 56th and Summitview. One next to the abandoned Tiger Mart, and the other next to Shopko. I also noticed one on Nob Hill next to Taco Time next to the yield intersection. Now I have noticed signs on posts for stuff like weight loss, or even concerts. But this? At first I thought maybe it was a high school kid trying to find a date to homecoming; and to be honest i'm not sure when these were even posted.

However, after doing an internet search on "Soul Mates Inc" my results came up inconclusive. So I decided to call the number listed on the ad. Come to find out it's a "match making service." The lady I spoke to told me the purpose of Soul Mates is to help single "active" individuals find that right person based on your traits and what you're interests you in a potential partner. Now I have heard of dating sites like eHarmony and even the more risque ones like Fling, but this is crazy! However from what the lady had explained on the phone it sounded like something we should video. So if anyone who is single and interested in checking this out, let us know.