Time to iron the birthday suit! Saturday is international Skinny Dip day! If you have never been skinny dipping, just think of it like taking a more fun bath. If you do it in a place where you're not supposed to, think of it as a more illegal bath!

Whether you have your own private pool, hot tub, keys to the local YMCA and access to the building after dark when it's closed and you've bribed the janitor $20 to take a couple hours off, you can celebrate this International Holiday however you see fit! As long as any onlookers, aren't onlooking, or are cool with what they may see. Or what they may not see, depending on the water's temperature!


Have I ever been skinny dipping? Technically no. Mainly because I'm a bigger fellow, and the proper term for people like me is a "Chunky Dunk". Have I ever been chunky dunking? You bet your tremendous pool waves I have!


"While many may turn their noses up at a skinny dip, organizers of the day say it’s a long-time tradition. Even famous American patriots such as Benjamin Franklin and John Quincy Adams enjoyed skinny dipping."
- National Day Calendar

International Skinny Dip Day was officially celebrated in 2018 by the American Association for Nude Recreation, and it is held on the 2nd Saturday in July, wrapping up Nude Recreation Week! In that same year, Ireland hosted an event for skinny dipping. It was the largest to ever take place, over 2,500 women swam nude to help in a fundraiser for a charity to help fight cancer!


So, as the saying go, "Sun's out, Bun's out!" Have fun, be safe, don't do anything illegal, and enjoy International Skinny Dip Day! Just don't do what Clark Griswald did!

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