A while ago, Todd was telling me how his boy Drew was learning the saxophone, and I immediately told him... "if you want him to stick with it, show him this video. He will think it's hilarious and it'll be his new goal in life to learn the song and rock it!"

The video I was talking about is a comedy video of a guy that goes by the name "Sexy Sax Man" Sergio Flores and he does "Sax-o-Grams" where he will show up and play a certain song... that song, "Careless Whisper" by Wham! You can check out that video below.

Last night I get a great little video to my inbox, of the one and only Drew Lyons, son of the living legend Todd E. Lyons Esq. playing and doing his take on the Super Sexy Swinging Sax Man! Check it out above!

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