It's the month to celebrate family fun, we wanna help you do that and celebrate with your loved ones anywhere and everywhere in the Yakima Valley. We went and found all the go-to spots in Yakima where you can have a night out with the kiddos and get some quality time in.

We wanna make sure it's fun for everyone and not just the kiddos, so there will be plenty of fun to be had for mom and dad as well in this list. If you have any other suggestions make sure to send us a message!

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5.) Skateland 

Skateland is the perfect family fun, it's a roller skating rink where everyone can skate out onto the floor and show off their moves, even if their moves are awkwardly stumbling while learning how to skate such as myself. The kids will make memories for a lifetime and parents will be able to look back fondly on all the fun they had.

4.) Yakima Family Fun Center

Video games, tickets, pizza, and prizes, what more do you need to have an absolute blast with the family? The Yakima Family Fun Center has a little bit of everything to offer the family in terms of fun. You can take the day and grab plenty of tokens to enjoy the plethora of games they have available, chow down on their delicious cheese pizza, score a hole-in-one on their putt-putt course, or show off your skills behind the wheel in one of their go-carts.

3.) Northern Pacific Railway Museum

It doesn't hurt to spend time learning with the family, especially with one of the things that helped build our country. The Yakima Railway Museum features older trains that are no longer running on the railway, the history of railways in Yakima and eastern Washington, and of course a peak into the 1940s with old lights, signs, and trains to show you what it was like in Yakima back then. Tickets start at $5 and for kids under 12 are only $3 dollars!

2.) The Majestic

Since the start of covid people missed going out with friends or family to local theaters, now that a lot of those restrictions have lifted people have quickly returned to some of their most anticipated movies. Load the family into the car and spend a night out enjoying popcorn, drinks, and all kinds of snacks while the kids see their new favorite movie on the big screen.

1.) Nerds 

This place will have you walking in when the sun is up and walking out long after it's gone down. Time flies while you're having fun, this is the place to watch the time fly. Games, Laser tag, Pizza, and a lot more. They have so much to offer for the entire family, honestly, I don't even have kids and love spending time here, so obviously your kids are gonna love it.

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