What if all the normal ways of contraception was no longer an option. Like you're recovering from a serious illness, and pills or other forms won't work for you anymore. This is exactly the case for German design graduate Rebecca Weiss who was diagnosed with cancer precursor cervix due to contraception with the pill. Normal hormonal contraception was no longer an option for her and her partner. So she went to the drawing board! In doing so, she has created a device named Coso.

. You might have heard of the Testicuzzi... well this is like that, only with a great benefit! The first male contraceptive! It's like a warm bath for your "boys" and while they are in there, they're zapped with ultra sonic waves to kill off sperm, and the effects last roughly 2 weeks. Yep, an award winning, effective form of male contraception! If you decide you want to stop firing blanks, just stop using Coso and with in 6 months everything should be back to normal!

Using It Is Simple!

Charge up the device with a USB cord and fill it up to the water line. Wait for the water to warm up, and then teabag it like you're playing HALO. A couple minutes later, you are good to go. Using ultrasonic waves for contraception is nothing new. It actually has dated back to the late 1970's when researchers were experimenting with the idea on cats, dogs, monkeys as well as humans. Now we just have an at home solution! Check out TechnoRites YouTube Page for more info how it works, and the history behind the science!

When Can I Get My Own!

Currently, Weiss has only developed the functional prototype for testing. Eventually she hopes to get in the hands and lower for clinical trials! One day, the Coso could become the future of male contraception! For details and development, keep an eye on the Coso Instagram Page!


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