Suffer from tight muscles down there? Swamp crotch got you down? Maybe you accidentally one time squatted in a bowl of seltzer water and thought "Hmm, this is nice. If only there was a device that would do this all time time!" Well, I introduce to you, the Testicuzzi, a hot tub for your testicles.

The idea grew, long and hard, after a conversation between friends about dating and drinking. With the advancement of at-home technology, the friends decided to pursue their idea with a 3D model and eventually a 3D printer for their first prototype.

The mini-jetted hot junk tub offers such features as battery power for convenience and mobility, it's sealed water tight, it has an utra-soft silicone "headrest," it's ergonomically cast for comfort, and of course, it wouldn't be a Jacuzzi if it didn't emit relaxing air bubbles!

Preorders are going now, and looks to be in time for the perfect Christmas gift! A white and black edition of the Testicuzzi sells for around $40, while a 14K gold version for all the Prince Alberts out there will cost $10,000.

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