A Lake City, Florida woman is back in Jail a second time, this time for failing to show up to court... that's not all that uncommon. The reason she had to go to court and last time in jail is because she shot her (now ex) husband in the testicles. That don't hear about everyday.

It all started, according to WJAX when the husband and his brother came to Kimberly Dunn's house to pick up an air conditioner that she was in the process of selling on Facebook. Police report that she lost her cool when dealing with her husband (who were in the process of a divorce at the time) and sat on the unit to prevent them from taking it. When he tried to get her off of the AC, she tried to fend him off and "accidentally" fired a round at her hubby's testicles.

The brother was able to take the family jewel-less man to the hospital as well as turn the hand gun over to the police, who arrested Dunn later that day. She told investigators that she only wanted to scare him and didn't mean to shoot him.

Dunn is back in jail, and I'm sure the husband is looking into a bullet proof cup like the one seen in the film Super Troopers!

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