Picture it, it's Christmas Eve. Kids are all snuggled in bed, with the visions of sugar plumbs dancing in their heads. You and your partner open the blinds & stare out the window, watching the snow fall beautifuly. You dim the lights, and just enjoy the company, snuggling on the couch. Enjoying the warmth of the fire place, as it crackles and brings the right ambiance to the room. But what if you don't have a fire place? Well there are digital fire places out there. You can buy a DVD of a beautiful fireplace. I'm sure you can find a digital fireplace on YouTube. Heck, for the Star Wars fan, someone made a Darth Vader Yule-Log from the ending of Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi. But don't you think 2020 needs something a little special? Not just a festive fireplace... but a festive Dumpster Fire!

Well the fine folks at an ad agency in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) named AM/FM knew exactly what this festive time of year, THE YEAR OF 2020, needed. They created a dumpster fire, but didn't stop there. They then went and made it festive! They then decided to share it with the world by posting onto their YouTube page.

Our festive take on the fire place channel for 2020. A cathartic finale for what has been a year none of us will forget...even though that's exactly what we'd all like to do. Happy Holidays from your friends at AM/FM!

Before you start being offended and raising your holiday pitchforks, just know that this was all done in fun & good spirits. AM/FM does state in the YouTube video that "This was done in a controlled environment outside of city limits with safety precautions in place. We do not encourage you to try this at home or on your own."

Enjoy your Ye-Ole-Dumpster Fire (above). Be safe, be merry, happy holidays & bah-humbug 2020!

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