Well, if you read about my Thanksgiving of 2019 Fail, you know about how I blew up one of our dishes, and almost ruined the holiday for my wife and I. Not to mention all of her family that were in town to help celebrate the holiday. They would have been staring at me all pissed off because they were Hangry! Luckily that story had a great outcome. But like all things 2020, my Thanksgiving didn't turn out the way most would expect!

Because of the glass everywhere incident of last year, my wife & I decided to take it easy on ourselves this year. In fact, we didn't want to risk screwing up anything in the kitchen, so I came up with the idea last month, to BBQ our Thanksgiving dinner! People use fire to cook things all the time. I figured, what's the difference between an oven and a bbq. Both deal with heat, and both have knobs that I would turn to "fire it up". Well, when I went to BBQ for Thanksgiving... I didn't expect this to happen! Check the video out below:

Ha... no one expects an APRIL FOOLS on Thanksgiving! Seriously after the drama of last year, my wife & I wanted simple and delicious. So that's what we did. No disrespect to my family or friends that I've enjoyed Thanksgiving with in the past... but I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that this was probably the best Thanksgiving I've ever had. I hope everyone who is reading this has had a great one as well. Cheers!

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