Ever since I heard about the ketchup-flavored Doritos, I knew there must be a yin to that yang. My friend told me about the Mustard variety, so I started my hunt. Well, I finally found a bag, and now I'm reviewing them! I had a mixed reaction to the Tangy Ketchup Doritos (you can read that review here), but that didn't discourage me from trying out the other new flavor… even though I'm not a massive fan of mustard.


As always, this is in NO WAY a paid advertisement for or against this brand of chips or any chip. I purchased this bag of chips with my own money and am reviewing them without compensation or promise of payment in any form. And no, I don't have a side gig working for PepsiCo/Frito-Lay! I'm just a guy who likes chips and telling people about them. (NOTE: My dog did not partake in this taste test. He'll eat anything and not a reliable judge of taste).

Hot Mustard Doritos with dog in background

Taste Test of Hot Mustard Flavored Doritos

As I stated before, I'm not the biggest fan of mustard. When I do eat it, it's usually with ketchup. But right off the bat, the chips' smell reminded me of the mustard juice you get from a bottle/jar when it has separated. Not the best of scents. Once I ate them, they just tasted like plain tortilla chips. There was a little bit of a mustard aftertaste, but it wasn't until the 5th chip that I felt any spicy hotness and even that was pretty tame (that says a lot because I don't handle hot stuff well). I wasn't big on the tangy ketchup flavor, but I'd prefer them at a BBQ than the Hot Mustard.

Doritos Chip

A Second Opinion of Hot Mustard Flavored Doritos

My wife tried them at the same time. She did enjoy the new flavor and felt the best comparison regarding taste was the type of spicy mustard you get as a dipping sauce at Chinese restaurants. She liked them (she kept munching on them after I was done), but not as much as the new Sweet & Tangy BBQ flavor we reviewed a couple of weeks ago. 

Spicy Mustard Doritos Nutrition Facts

Will They Rock Your BBQ?

I'd say sure, grab them and the ketchup flavors, and try some weird concoctions this summer. Why not? You only live once! Although, if you can't stand mustard… steer clear of these (especially the smell). I'm just thrilled that there are new varieties to try! If you've already tried them, what's your opinion? Tap the App and let me know!


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