I got my first dose of the Moderna Coronavirus vaccine back on January 19th. My brother, who works at the same medical lab as I do (I have multiple jobs) got his the next day on the 20th. I wrote about my experience, why I was able to get the vaccine early, and why I decided to do so. You can check that story out here. Chris (my older brother by 6 & 1/2 years) pretty much had the same reasons and same experience (getting the shot & side effects) as me. Although, with the first dose of the vaccine, he had much greater arm pain then I did. When it came to the 2nd dose, I had no clue how bad the side effects were for him until I talked to him earlier today.

Now you might be thinking, what kind of brothers are you two that you don't talk to each other every day! Especially when you work at the same place! Simple, we're brothers who are busy and work different shifts! When I came to work on Thursday (2/18) I found out he was out sick (figured since he just got his vaccine the day before, he was out dealing with the migraine). My experience with the 2nd dose, did have some exhaustion and head pain, but wasn't bad, you can read all about that here. After talking to him this morning, his was much much worse!

He got his 2nd dose around 10am on Wednesday morning at Tieton Village Drug (you can find out where & when you're able to get your vaccine at the Yakima Health District Website). He felt perfectly fine till around 10pm. He started developing severe arm pain as well as migraine. He went to bed, hoping all would be fine in the morning. He awoke at 2am and started vomiting and was back and forth from his bed to the bathroom till 5am being sick. He felt feverish, and sure enough at 5am was running a 100 degree temp. Sweating non-stop but freezing cold, by 7am his fever was up to 101. He laid in bed all day with full body aches and chills and did not move the entire day, (not even to turn on the TV, which is a rarity). He wrapped himself up in blankets and laid in bed, just waiting for the worse to pass. He did not take any pain pills or eat anything, for fear of a return to vomiting (which had stopped early in the morning). Finally about 8pm Thursday night, he did eat a little soup, and went back to bed. Woke up Friday morning, feeling fine. It just goes to show that this virus as well as the vaccine, can effect us all in different ways!


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