I got my first dose of the Moderna Coronavirus vaccine back on January 19th. I wrote about the experience, why I was able to get the vaccine early, and why I decided to do so. You can check that story out here. I wrote about the side effects that hit me the next day, which you can read for yourself here. After 2 weeks, my arm started making me concerned, and yes, I chronicled that story here. Well, roughly a month later since the first shot, I got the call, and I got the poke!

Much like the first time, I showed up to Tieton Village Drug (you can find out where & when you're able to get your vaccine at the Yakima Health District Website) and filled out the standard questionnaire. A short wait later, I got the poke. I chose the same arm, my left, mainly because I'm right handed, and wanted to save that arm, just in case I make my wife mad later and am denied lovin' (WAKKA WAKKA). The shot, for the most part, was painless, and they warned me of the side effects that some have had after the 2nd dose. They could last between 12 to 36 hours and include, arm soreness, headache, fever & exhaustion. My friend who works at the pharmacy told me about one that he and a couple others got that was kind of weird. Like a gas bubble in your stomach, one that just made you feel uncomfortable. Armed with knowledge, I had a good idea what I was in for.

So a full 2 days later, I'm passed the side effect window and can tell you the side effect tale to (I hope) it's completion. Well, that morning I woke up with a migraine already (I get them often) so I just figured it was par for the coarse. My migraine did get worse through out the night. Tylenol did help a little bit. The next morning, the head pain was gone, but maaaan, I was I exhausted. I dragged all day long, and at times I felt like I was in a haze. It stayed with me till about 8pm that night (the day after the 2nd shot). I also did experience that weird stomach bubble. That did not last long at all, but was weird and uncomfortable. I'm proud to say, after I woke up this morning, my arm is still a little sore to the touch, but other than that, I'm doing good. No super powers (that I know of... yet). Many people say the 2nd shot is worse than the first one, I can honestly say, that I did not have that experience.


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