I've been doing radio for 15 years, Improv Comedy for five and being a goofball since I was born. Thirty-three years later I'm going to take the stage solo and see what I can do. Might be the last time I do it solo, might not. We will find out Friday night at the Laugh Lounge Comedy Club.

I've been doing small comedic emceeing for quite a while now, but this will be the first time I take the stage for a certain length of time. I've usually been lucky that if my jokes don't fly, or if the audience isn't into it, I introduce the next act with his/her tried-and-true talents and boom! I'm off stage to sit back and laugh.

Not the story tonight. Sure, I have a couple of backup plans in case I really suck/bomb (including a ventriloquist dummy -- he has no feelings to hurt so why not?), but I'm not worried about that. The nice thing is we will all be gathered in one place with one goal: to forget about the worries of life and just laugh. That's the main goal for tonight. If I can't do it, I know my buddy Ed Mejia will.

I've known Ed for many years, back in the early radio/YV Tech days and then in the early days of our comic talents. Mine, improv; his, magic. When I decided back in August that I wanted to attempt a full set of standup for a birthday show, I knew I wanted him to perform at it... for two reasons. First, his talents are amazing and borderline sorcery. Second, I've always wanted a magician at my birthday... 33 years later I finally get one.

Check out a little treat of Ed's magic below, and then come check us BOTH out tonight at the Laugh Lounge Comedy Club, 1507 N. FIrst St. More details at the Laugh Lounge website & Facebook page, and you call check out Ed's Facebook page here.

And in case you missed the last 30-something years of Timmy's life, check out the video below!