Let me first say, it was great to be back on the air this morning. A lot of people gripe about having to come back to work after a week's worth of vacation, me included. But when it comes down to it, I'm very grateful to have my jobs (yes, plural) and I really truly do love all of them. Yes, the putting pants on first thing in the morning sucked, but the rest of the day was great... for the most part. More on that in a bit.

This was the first vacation that my wife Stephanie & I have had at the same time since our honeymoon in 2013. I must say I was a bit worried, what if we're good for each other, because we don't have to be around each other? But it was great. We got many projects done, had lots of talks, laughs and adventures... around the house. I actually accomplished quite a bit on my vacation, at least for me. With my wife's help, we painted our picnic table & our shed. I was able to sale my van that I've loved since 2008 to some awesome friends. I even helped move & sale some older furniture that I've helped restore. Before anyone reports me to Inslee, don't worry, I followed all the COVID-19 safety stuff. I even got some much needed movies, TV shows & video games enjoyed! Started HBO's Watchmen, beat Mortal Kombat 11 & finally watched Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Yes I know, I'm behind the times by a couple years, oh well, I enjoyed it!

Time had come to go back to work. I went to bed last night with my alarm set, ready to go. Well, like many, anxiety of the upcoming work day began to wreck my mind, making getting to sleep difficult. I eventually succeeded only to be woken up before my alarm by Todd calling in sick. No worries. If anything, I'm kind of thankful I got the notice, otherwise, who knows if my alarm would have done it's job. I get to the radio station, my key still lets me into the building. Sweet, that means I'm not fired, always a good sign. What bummed me out, was coming into the studio to find my microphone holder broken (pictured above). What kind of guests did Todd, Jana or Curt have that'd rock so hard last week that'd break my freakin' mic? In a way, it felt kind of like a mob warning. "You leave again, next time it'll be more than your mic that gets broke!" I look around for notes, to see if someone left an apology, or even anything giving me a clue of what happened, or what to look forward to. Only note I found was this:


Okay, I will keep that in mind. All and all, I missed my buddy this morning, but enjoyed being back on the air, and thank you to the many people who listened and who called in. As far as my mic goes, I guess I'll have to get all Liam Neeson from Taken to figure it out, which by the way, next vacation I'll have to watch Taken 2 & 3!

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