Back when the facebook event "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us" was gaining more and more popularity, I got excited! I even made a special playlist of tunes to help you storm the government facility! Well then I stumbled upon an even better event! One that would deal with a lot less running, and a lot fewer aliens (depending on how much you drink). It was called "Leave Work And Go The Beer Garden, They Can't Sack All Of Us". The event is scheduled for TODAY, so that's what I did! I went and saw "Weird Al" Yankovic perform last night in Airway Heights (concert report coming soon), and when I woke up this morning (in a town that wasn't home) I decided... nope, I'm going to join that event, skip work today, and go to the beer garden. Well for me, the beer garden will be a trek to visit the last Godfather's Pizza in the northwest and with any luck see the RickMobile this evening in Seattle! If you're planning on skipping work with me today? Good Luck! Hopefully we'll still have a job tomorrow, and we can be productive again!

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