Hey, guys, you won't have to say you're going fishing at McNary to sneak off to the strip club anymore.

Not since the days of picket lines and protesters shut down the last Kennewick strip club have guys been able to go see boobs and get a beer. You know, like they do south of the state border in Oregon.

An ad on Craigslist this week is asking for super-hot women in their 20s to apply. Well, maybe not in those exact words, but to apply click here.

Perhaps the crappiest casino in the Tri-Cities, the former "Lucky Bridge Casino" as it was called, shut down in 2016 and has been sitting there watching a ton of traffic drive by as stoners drive to Finley for the ONE pot shop allowed in the Tri-Cities.

The new owners of the prospective club apparently still have a few bureaucratic hurdles to jump before opening their doors in December, but they promise a "modern and upscale gentlemen's club."

"We are looking for girls that have great attitudes because we want this to be a great experience," the strip club ad on Craigslist said. "... we also want all of our employees to feel comfortable and excited when they come to work."

The new strip club will not be called Lucky Bridge like the casino, which sits very close to the cable bridge, but will now be called "City Star."

Which, if you Google "city star chinese" in most major cities you'll probably end up getting really good Chinese food.

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