I've heard rumors about closures of the restaurant chain, but didn't think it really hit us in the valley. Then I saw a Facebook thread that talked about the Union Gap location shutting it's doors. OH NO! Why did this happen and are we an isolated closure in the chain?

At first I thought it might have been due to the recent Health Inspections, but no, the other location at 1401 Lakeside Court in Yakima was the one that got dinged on the Health evaluation, not the Union Gap location. So maybe it's just part of the economy. A Richland location has just served it's last slice of pie recently as well. So it looks like it is an issue with the restaurant chain, closing more stores, and tightening their belts.

Closing sign on door

"Dear Valued Guests,

This location is now permanently closed as of today, February 28th. We truly appreciate your continued loyalty and business.

Please visit our other location across town, and we will happily and proudly serve you! 1401 Lakeside Court, Yakima Wa.

Warm regards - your Union Gap Shari's family."

I have many great memories of Shari's. Sad part is, most of them were from the other location. It still pains me whenever a store or restaurant goes out of business. Mainly because of the hard working staff that made the place run. On the same note taped to the door, was a hand written message from one of the staff members:

"Come visit your favorite servers & cooks on 40th Ave Shari's :-)"


Closing sign on door


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