Thanks to the pandemic, a lot of places are feeling like Ghost Town. The streets are abandoned. Businesses are closed. Heck, drive by any movie theater and you'll see the grass growing through the pavement parking lot. Tumble weeds collecting in the corners of the buildings. Leaves trapped in the fences surrounding the property. But nope, we technically aren't in a ghost town... yet.

According to Wikipedia, a ghost town (aka: deserted or abandoned city) is a town/city/village that still has visible buildings and infrastructure like roads that remain, even though a majority of the activity has left. They are fascinating! To think that a city could fail and become abandoned due to an assortment of possible reasons. Natural or human disasters, floods, droughts, war, pollution etc. Believe it or not, there have been over 150 ghost towns in Washington state alone! Yes, in some, only a building remains, but others are full blown towns.

Mark your calendars for February 25th, and you'll be able to take a free virtual tour of some of the ghost towns that are still standing, right here in Washington! According to the Facebook Event page: "Pretty Gritty Tours" Ghost Towns in Wa, this free event will be available to anyone & every one who has an interest!

Want to know more about the ghost towns that linger in WA? Us too! Join us for this FREE virtual tour of Washington State's ghost towns and learn a little about how they got there and what remains.

All that is required, is the ability to watch YouTube and the desire to take a look at the past!


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