The painter Michelangelo once said: If people only knew how hard I work to gain my mastery. It wouldn't seem so wonderful at all. That can be interpreted many ways, and really makes me wonder if that type of thinking was the basis for the piece of art simply known as "Take The Money And Run". Is it truly art? Or is it just some dude who decided to go for an easy payday? Why can't it be both?

A Danish artist named Jens Haaning was tasked with creating art and was given the sum of $84,000 by the Kunstein Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg, Denmark to do it. When he finished his masterpiece and brought it back to the museum, the pieces (2) were titled, "Take The Money And Run". I reached out to my friend Tiffany Tucker, for an artist rendering of the $84,000 piece of art.

pic courtesy of Tiffany Tucker

Here's the same Artist's rendering of Hanning's work... only from another angle.


pic courtesy of Tiffany Tucker

When I reached out to Mrs. Tucker, owner of Painting at Tiffany's (3216 Fruitvale Blvd. Suite D) to get me an artist rendering, she was able to whip it out in no time at all. She did warn that it wouldn't be an exact replica.

"Art is meant to be viewed from a distance, not 6 inches away." - Tiffany Tucker

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That is all well and good, and painting is a great way to relax and express yourself, but when it comes to the original story, it looks to be more fraud and theft than art and expression, or does it? Haaning was hired to recreate two of his previous works, both dealing with cash as the art, and both parties signed a contract. Although he did not deliver on what he agreed, he did give the museum two "new" pieces to display, commenting how it's a take on actual ownership of art, and the payment of the artists that create it. He has until early January to repay the money meant for the works, and if that does not happen, the museum will look into taking more serious actions besides being surprised and laughing. The reaction they had when the two crates were opened.


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