The Yakima Valley seems to be growing a little bit more every day, and new businesses keep popping up. It seems, though, that the businesses are often similar. For example, Mexican restaurants. I love Mexican food, but we have a billion Mexican restaurants already. We also seem to have a mattress store on every corner. I haven't bought a mattress in years. Don't need to. When I need one, I will  have a billion options. But what sorts of businesses would you like to see come to our area?My first pick would be a Trader Joe's!  I love everything about that place and their prices usually rock! I want an In N' Out Burger. Best place to eat on the planet. We also need a damn strip club, but that is just me!

Take the poll and tell us what businesses you would like to see in the valley! Enter your own answer, too, just in case I didn't put it.

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