Every weekday morning, Todd & Timmy tell you a tale, pulled from the back pages of today's fine publications. These tales are a little "F'd Up!" Well, as heard on the Todd & Timmy Show segment, "Daily Dose of WTF!", a carjacking took an unexpected turn in Beaverton, Oregon in mid January.

According to a report from CBS affiliate KREM.com, a woman went inside a Basics Meat Market on the morning of Saturday, January 16th, in the hopes of only being gone for a moment. She decided to leave her car running, and her four year old son inside the car. Once she got into the store, a white male in his 20s to 30s with dark brown braided hair decided to get into her car and steal it. It was first noticed by a store employee with the mother not far behind running out of the store just to see the car drive away.

Apparently, the thief noticed his unexpected young hostage sitting in the back seat. He proceeded to turn around in a nearby parking lot, and returned to the store. Now most criminals in this situation would (I would assume) drop the car off and take off running. Nope, this morally superior car thief proceeded to berate the mother for leaving her child in a running car. He then stole the car AGAIN! As of this posting, the thief has not been apprehended, but the silver Honda Pilot was recovered. The boy was not harmed, and the Beaverton P.D. defended the mother, commenting how she was easily able to keep an eye on the car and child due to the many glass windows at the store.

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