What are your "Psychotic Snacks"? Everyone has their own taste, whether it's the weird and unique or just a mind-blowing concoction of food. Something that might seem normal to you can come across as "against nature" to someone else.

You see those survival shows or Fear Factor types of games with people eating bugs. I'm sure someone somewhere got done and thought, "Hmm… that crispy critter wasn't too bad."

My brother, one Easter, took a cheese slice and wrapped it around a marshmallow Peep. He called it a "Peep in a Blanket". Sounds gross, half bitten looked gross. He swore by it!

I thought I was a rebel in my early days when I microwaved Tater tots with slices of cheese and added ketchup. Now, people top them with bacon or all sorts of spicy fixings, and boom! They have "TOTCHOS."

The other food concoction that I swore by in my youth (and still isn't bad today) is sucking on a cherry Halls cough drop and, as soon as you're done, eating a Reese's Peanut Butter cup. You get an amazing minty peanut buttery chocolate-covered cherry flavor.


What are your psychotic snacks? Flintstone Vitamins & milk? Spaghetti-flavored cotton candy? Bacon on a maple bar doughnut? See, one of those became so great that it's now an actual thing! Many food items you think are weird can be the next best thing! Just look at VooDoo Doughnuts!

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Here are some of the "Psycho Snacks" you guys have brought to our attention!

We asked people in the area what their most "psychotic snacks" are.

The responses we received ranged from completely benign to incredibly worrisome.

What is your weird snack that may make others judge you? Tap the App and let us know!

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