We've all been there, you get off work. you're hungry. You don't know what to eat. Nothing sounds good, then you see off ahead in the distance, a sign of a fast food place! You think, that'll be good. But what kind of burger should you get? You can't decide, should you get the double with cheese? A western rodeo burger to rope your taste buds? Then a thought comes to you! "I know... I'll get some nuggets!" They're awesome, not too much food so that you'll be in the food coma the rest of the day. But just enough that you can continue into your evening with a smile.

So you pull into the drive-thru, your the 4th car in line. You order your food, chicken nugget meal, they ask you what kind of sauce, you pay, drive away, reach into the bag, eat some fries on your way home. Get home, get ready to enjoy your meal, and then BOOM! They forgot the sauce you specifically asked for! What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO!?!?! You have a couple options, if you are at home, find something else to dunk the chicken in! If you're in the car still, you can turn around and go back to get sauce, or do like I do, and just raw-dawg the chicken nugget (go sauce-less). What you shouldn't do... CALL THE RESTAURANT AND MAKE A BOMB THREAT!

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As heard on your Daily Dose of WTF with Todd & Timmy, 42-Year old Robert Golwitzer Jr. of Ankeny, Iowa, was arrested last weekend for doing just that! Golwitzer was so upset about his missing nugget sauce from the McDonald's establishment, that he called the restaurant to complain. In doing so, he made comments of the fast food place blowing up as well as someone punching an employee! Police took the threat seriously & arrested Golwitzer, who admitted he made the threats over the phone . The charge he faces? Making a false report of explosive or incendiary device! I don't agree with what he did, nor would I do it myself, but I can honestly say, I understand and feel his sauce-less pain.


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