As children finish their Christmas lists for Santa, adults (for the most part) are doing quite the opposite. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m looking at this time of year as non-stop deadlines. My schedule is so slammed with obligations it just makes my head spin: family functions, friends gathering for the holidays, events, and work deadlines. Don’t get me wrong, the more things I have to do, there is a part of me that feels grateful (if I’m needed or requested to attend, then I’m wanted & loved, simple as that). As I’ve gotten older, I realize my Christmas want list has changed drastically, more of an “I don’t want” list. The things that I cherish more are things that can’t really be bought, so that brought the question to mind, “What DON’T you want for Christmas?

“What DON’T you want for Christmas?”

I asked this question to our Yakima listeners, and the response I got more than any other makes a lot of sense, considering what our valley just went through in the past couple of days. “SNOW!” Many people are done. They’re sure we’ll get a white Christmas, so they’re requesting a GREEN Christmas. Remember, technically, we’re not even in the winter season yet.

Many people responded with some comical requests. Noel Renteria does not want “Blue Cheese salad dressing”. Janice Haskell requests not to receive “Dark chocolate”. Ed Edica stated something everyone can get behind, “More unexpected bills”. I feel for Aeniah Frost with what she doesn’t want for Christmas, “Sick kids or car problems”. Yes, those are both horrible, but Rebecca Warren was able to channel my biggest desire this time of year with 2 simple words.

“Meaningless interactions” – Rebecca Warren

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Remember, during the hustle and bustle that the season can bring, slow down and take a moment for yourself. If you stretch yourself too thin, you’ll get sick and be no good to anyone, especially yourself.

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