For anyone who does not know me, I have a little dog named Rusty that I got when he was 2 years old, and he’s been my little buddy for the past 10 years. Some people would say he’s a rescue; I may agree, only because, in my mind, he rescued me. Now the people in Yakima who do so much for our furry friends are bursting at the seams with the creatures they have helped!

The Yakima Humane Society posted a heartbreaking video and called for the community’s help on their Facebook page earlier this week. They are full of animals needing homes and cannot take in any more.

“When we say that we are at capacity and cannot take in owner surrenders or found dogs, we truly are not over exaggerating! Between the stray animals that have been left at our doors and the animals that the Animal Control Officers are bringing in, we have a full house of animals. Help us find them all amazing homes of their own!”
– Yakima Humane Society

How can you help? The big one is to adopt. But that may only be ideal for some people. If you already have a pet, please spay and neuter your animal. Bob Barker wasn’t kidding when he asked people daily on the Price is Right to help control the pet population!

Puppies & kitties

Other ways you can help are donations of supplies or even money. They can make a dollar stretch to help a lot of amazing animals. If you cannot donate anything financially, hopefully, you can spare some time. Volunteers are always welcome. Whether it's help at the shelter or just coming by to spend some time and walk the dogs. Anything is appreciated!

Yakima Humane Society via Canva
Yakima Humane Society via Canva

For all the information on adoption, donations, or volunteering, you can check out their website at

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