Now the holiday season is over, many think the giving season is over too. You know, it’s not! The Yakima Humane Society is just one of those organizations that could use your help! Especially for a place that does so much for so many and asks so little.

They have been doing adoption specials lately but are still filled with animals needing good forever homes. If you can open your house for a new family member or even foster an animal for a little while, that would be greatly appreciated. If that is too much of a commitment, you can still help with a donation. This month in particular, they have teamed up with The Range (1701 Garretson Lane in Yakima) and Pingrey Ford (102 W Naches Ave in Selah) to hold a Food, Toy & Supply Drive.

Yakima Humane Society Food, Toy & Supply Drive

The pet drive is going on through January 31st and is very important. Especially right now when the weather is terrible, and supplies and help are direly in demand.

As a nonprofit, the Yakima Humane Society Adoption Center relies 100% on private donations to operate.
– Yakima Humane Society flier.



Donation items requested are:

Bath Towels
Blankets (no comforters or electric)
Cat & Kitten Food (Pedigree or Purina)
Cat Toys
Chewy Dog Treats
Dish Soap (no citrus or lemon scented)
Dog Beds
Dog & Puppy Food (Pedigree or Purina)
Dog Toys
Laundry Soap (liquid)
Martingale-style Collars
Peanut Butter
Plush Cat Beds
Portable Kennels (various sizes)
Potty Pads
Rope Toys
Sheet Protectors
Slip Leads
Stretch & Scratch Cat Scratchers

For a complete list of items that the Yakima Humane Society could use, check out their website: Cash is always a great donation if you cannot go to the store or just don’t have the time. On the flip side, if you can’t afford to donate but do have spare time on your hands, they can always use the volunteer help.

flyer for the Yakima Humane Society
Yakima Humane Society - tsm/Timmy!


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