If you're like my girlfriend you never go anywhere without your best friend, aka the dog. But of course there's a lot of rules and regulations about bringing your dogs into businesses.

But in Washington some places allow you to bring your pet, some even cater only to your pets, so let's look at this list of amazing places you can hang with your furry friend.

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4.) Norm's of Yakima

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your dogs name. See what I did there? Now this bar isn't Cheers but it does have that atmosphere, with friendly staff, amazing drinks and cold beer on tap what else could make this place better? How about you can bring your dog with you? That's right Norm's is a dog friendly place as long as you have them on your leash and you don't mind hanging out on the patio.

3.) PetSmart

C'mon, this is the perfect spot to take your good boy or girl to the store, let them roam around (on a leash of course) with you and pick out a new toy or maybe some tasty treats just for them. I've never had a happier puppy then when he gets to pick out his new pig ear.

2.) 2nd Street bar & Grill

That's right 2nd street bar and grill welcome your furry friends, of course you'll be sat outside, but they take care of you all the same, so you and your best friend can enjoy a nice lunch out in the city, they even bring you doggy bowl, in case you wanna share a little chicken or just wanna make sure they have their water. We of course decided to take our puppy and now ever time we say "2nd Street" He's waiting by the door ready to go. Of course every now and then we go to just sit back and drink.brew, granted he's just fine with water.

1.) Costal Farm and Ranch

Wether you're working on a farm, have a bunch of animals, or just one pup this store is amazing for you, not only do they carry close to everything for your animal care taking needs, they also carry a lot of farm style wear, comfy clothes, and top tier treats for your furry buddy. Of course your dog is welcome inside (On a leash) to check out everything they have to offer, so you never have to shop alone again.

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