I think that it is amazing that there are woman out there that are sticking with the old school FACT that Breastfeeding is extremely good for your child. It helps the child get the nourishing that it needs to grow up healthy and strong. When breastfeeding is done in public, I do believe that people should have some class while doing it. It may be offensive to some people to "Whip" out "The Girls" for all to see. But there is no reason why people should get pissed off if they are doing it correctly! The full story is here, now, I asked a couple of people here what they think about it! Check out the videos!

Todd Lyons take on breastfeeding in public!

This is Rik Mikales our operation's manager at Townsquare Media. How he feels about breastfeeding in public!

Sarah Hoone, front desk at 94.5 KATS and Breastfeeding!