Burnouts! I love them! Our final 'Bike NIght' was one that will not be forgotten! Our KATS rig -- which needs a serious revamping -- was put to good use at Jack-Son's, though, by a couple of real bikers who know how to do burnouts even with out burnout trees! BOOM!Why are burnouts so cool? Because the idea of being in fifth gear, revving up the engine while going absolutely nowhere, but ripping up smoke as you go is always an sight to see and exciting! And you always have a second person with you burning out so you can see who does the better burnout. If you pop your tire, you win!

By the way, motorcycle tires can start anywhere from $500 to $2,000, depending on what kind you buy!

Check out these two bikers as they put the KATS rig to some good use!

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