Yes, it's that time of the month again. Time for another installment of #AbandonedYakima, the only monthly feature where we explore empty storefronts and abandoned buildings that surround the Yakima Valley in hopes that someone will do something with these properties in the near future.

We like to check out new things, so we decided to check out a gas station. No, it's, not Tiger Mart (two of which have been demolished, and the last one was just recently purchased). This time around it's Smitty's Conoco on North First Street right across the street from the Yakima County veterans office (formally a Pizza Hut and later the County Coroners office).

At first, we weren't sure if this place was closed as the sign on the window stated that it was "closed for construction." We thought maybe this had something to do with the new Dutch Bros that just opened right behind the building. We decided to give them the benefit of a doubt and wait and see if it would reopen. However, a couple of months have passed and the building is still empty -- with no sign of activity. That being said, here is what we documented with our photo coverage.

Smitty's Conoco #AbandonedYakima

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