Westpark Methodist on 40th and Summitview #AbandonedYakima

Since the past couple of posts have been store related, we thought we would try something different this time around for #AbandonedYakima. We're pretty sure everyone has driven by Westpark United Methodist Church located near 40th and Summitview down the street from the station -- it's not hard to miss, especially if you're stopped at the intersection or if you bank at Bank of America.

What we didn't know was that the building, which was built in the late '50s -- now sits empty. The church was home to Westpark Academy -- a local private school. They have now moved to the former St. Paul's Cathedral School (which moved to Holy Family and is now known as Christ the Teacher) on West Chestnut. They have also changed their name to reflect the move.

Sadly, it seems that since the school moved, the building now sits abandoned. We also discovered that the playground, next to the parking lot of the church, has not been taken care of as the equipment is showing signs of rust. Weeds cover the entire field and the grass in the front of the church has also been unkept.

Here's what we documented on our trip. As for the future of this former church, we're not entirely sure what can be done with it. On one hand it would make for a nice concert venue like The Seasons Performance Hall. However, seeing as it's situated in a residential area and across the street from a retirement home, we're pretty sure the neighbors might not like that.

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