If you eat ass and would like the world to know, go ahead and slap it proudly on your window.

Courtesy of The Smoking Gun
Courtesy of The Smoking Gun

The courts have got your back.

All charges have been dropped against the guy with the "I Eat Ass" window sticker.

Turns out he was right, it IS within our First Amendment rights to display that phrase on our cars.

It all started when 23-year-old Dillon Webb from -- wait for it -- Florida, was randomly pulled over because 'ol Johnny Law thought the window sticker "I Eat Ass" was offensive and he was going to give him a ticket if he didn't take it off or cover it up.

The cop told Dillon the sticker was a violation of a law that prohibits obscene material on vehicles.

Dillon told the cop it was his First Amendment right to have the sticker in his window.

The cop gave Dillon the option to censor the sticker by removing a letter, but he refused.  So he was arrested for possession of obscene material and resisting arrest without violence.

Well, ladies, at least you know what you're getting into with this fella.

Fast forward four days with intense media scrutiny and social media mockery run amok, charges were dropped by the Columbia County State Attorney's Office.

All's well that ENDS well.

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