Meet Mark Thompson. He's your average, ordinary guy who apparently likes to get high on bath salts who puts on a bra and panties and apparently decided to kill a goat in his bedroom.
Don't worry about locking up your goats, this is from Charleston, West Virginia - which might explain a few things. This guy's neighbor had a goat in her backyard that she was planning on giving to her grandson as a gift. Meanwhile, Mark Thomspon had been high on bath salts for 3 days decided it was a good idea to wear a bra and panties, "kid"nap the goat which he apparently killed in his bedroom. Police found him wandering around the woods near his home.

I'm not sure what the weirdest part of this story is. The fact that he kills goats in his bedroom while wearing girls underwear, the fact that you can get high on bath salts (something I didn't know) or the fact that in Charleston, West Virginia it's apparently okay to give your grandchildren goats as a gift.

via gawker

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